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Pain Related To Body Piercing: Things To Know!

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If you are interested in body piercings, you are probably keen on knowing certain details, like will it hurt bad? It’s important to first understand that every person has a certain threshold for pain, so what may seem painful to someone else may be painless to you. With body piercings, it’s possible to be really creative. In this post, we are discussing more on pain related to body piercings.

The basics

There are certain parts of your body that are more sensitive than others, and piercings will definitely hurt more. However, you can practically get a piercing anywhere you like. The best studios have all sorts of piercing jewelry parts, so the final look can be as stylish as you may have imagined. Always select a studio that you can rely on, make sure that their professionals are trained and experienced, and don’t shy away from asking questions that matter. Piercing experts can reduce the time required for the process, so the pain is manageable.

How much does it hurt?

As we mentioned, some piercings hurt more than others. Besides your personal threshold for pain, factors such as skin thickness and nerve endings also matter. For instance, piercing the cartilage of the ear doesn’t hurt as much as the conch. The good news is most piercings can be completed in a matter of seconds. Oral piercings and eyebrow piercings don’t hurt as much, and for many people, even naval piercing is not that painful. Piercing earlobes don’t hurt at all, while rook and conch piercings hurt the most.

Other things to know

Getting a piercing done is more about the excitement, so a lot of enthusiasts don’t really mind the pain. Do your homework, find more about the actual process, and ask about aftercare. Caring for your piercing as recommended by the expert will ensure that the healing process is as smooth as possible. You can also choose to ask to get multiple piercings at the same time, although if for some sensitive areas, it is wise to wait for one piercing to heal. Also, the studio should be able to offer advice on the kind of jewelry that can be considered.

Finally, be careful with your piercing, especially ear piercings. If you are getting private parts pierced, you have to be extra careful with the aftercare, and in some cases, painkillers can be recommended to manage the pain better.

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